how to do double hand dumbell tricep extension

step by step process
1. Standing or sitting handle a free weight of wanted weight. Make certain to keep the center tight all through the whole lift. 2. Raise the weight vertically into the beginning position. (On the off chance that the weight is substantial, getting it into position overhead might be precarious. Handle the free weight handle with two hands next to each other and powerfully twist the weight upward. When the weight is about level with the brow, pivot it so the hands are confronting upward and on the underside of the top chime, in this way supporting the weight overhead.) 3. Lower the weight descending (behind the head) until the lower arms arrive at level, breathing in all through the development. 4. Press the weight upwards to the beginning position, breathing out all through the development. 5. Rehash stages 3-4 for the same number of reps as wanted. (Sets ought to by and large fall between 3 to 6 with 6-12 redundancies.)
Things To Look Out For:
If you are a beginner, it is imperative that you attempt this exercise with a weight that is substantially lighter than you believe you can successfully lift because of the crushing tension this lift puts on the joints and ligaments of the elbow. In time, the joints and ligaments will strengthen and you will be able to safely increase the amount of weight you lift for this exercise.
Exercise Position(s): 
Standing, Sitting
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